Haier Medical and Laboratory Products Company Ltd.
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Medical Freezer, Medical Cold Chain Products Manufacturer in China
Haier Group is a multi-national consumer electronics and home appliance manufacturer headquartered in China. The Haier Medical and Laboratory Products Company, a member of the Haier Group, is a manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of medical freezers, including a cryo freezer, ultra low temperature freezer, deep freezer, blood bank refrigerator and pharmaceutical refrigerator products. We also manufacture infection control products like our biological safety cabinet, washer disinfector, and low temperature plasma sterilizer. Haier medical refrigerators are extensively used in hospitals, blood banks, pharmaceutical companies, epidemic prevention activities, and medical and chemical research institutes, to name a few.

  • Cryo Freezer, -150℃ Freezer
  • Cryo Freezer, -150℃ FreezerThis type of cryo freezer may be used in blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, research institutes, electronics and chemical factory laboratories ...
  • 340L Ice Lined Refrigerator
  • 340L Ice Lined RefrigeratorThe 340L ice lined refrigerator refrigerator is designed to store items such as vaccines, pharmaceuticals, blood and so forth. Applications could be found in ...
  • 92L Deep Freezer
  • 92L Deep Freezer The 92L deep freezer is designed to store items such as vaccines, blood plasma, and biological materials. Application of this deep freezer can be found in electronics and...
  • 428L Deep Freezer
  • 428L Deep Freezer The 428L deep freezer is designed to store items such as vaccines, blood plasma, and biological materials. Application of this 428L deep freezer can be found in ...
  • 508L Deep Freezer
  • 508L Deep Freezer The 508L deep freezer has a unique evaporator and condenser system guarantees freezing efficiency and uniformity of temperature.
    Imported high efficiency ...
  • 936L Blood Bank Refrigerator
  • 936L Blood Bank Refrigerator Digital display showing average, upper and lower temperature limits with a resolution of 0.1℃ for observation and monitoring.
    Adjustable temperature limits ...
  • 628L Ultra Low Temperature Freezer
  • 628L Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Optimized cascade refrigeration technology utilizing a Danfoss compressor for highly-efficient refrigeration.
    The 628L ultra low temperature ....
  • 60L Ice Lined Refrigerator
  • 60L Ice Lined Refrigerator The 60L ice lined refrigerator is no battery for storage of power.
    The solar vaccine refrigerator is driven by solar power and so is 100% environment friendly ...

Haier's ultra-low temperature freezer, deep freezer and other related products are extremely popular in China. In fact, Haier blood bank refrigerators are in use in over 500 blood banks throughout China. In 2004, Haier entered the global market by supplying 10,000 ice lined refrigerators to India under a World Health Organization project. In 2005, the Haier -156℃ deep freezer was introduced, so Haier is capable of providing deep freezers that maintain a variety of temperatures, including -25C and -40℃. In 2006, Haier released a line of new -86℃ ultra low temperature freezer which have an alarm function that is programmed to send a text message to a mobile phone. We are also striving to develop other, new types of appliances to satisfy customers' demands.

Talented Haier employees and high-end lab equipment allow us to ensure our consistent product quality. Our state-of-the-art Laboratory Center was constructed in 1999, at a cost of 23 million USD. Covering an area of 10,000 square meters, our Lab Center includes an Environmental Lab, Acoustics Lab, Chemistry Lab, EMC Lab, Artificial Climate Lab, and more, and it incorporates over 600 pieces of testing equipment, including 40 world-class testing facilities. In addition, the Haier Laboratory Center works with the most well-known international certification organizations, such as ITS, UL, TUV, JET, CSA, LGA, KTL and CQC, and so it is capable of providing testing for not only Haier products, but also for domestic and overseas clients. Therefore, the quality of Haier products is emphatically assured. Our medical freezer, biological safety cabinet and other products have received 18 certifications, including CCC and CE certifications. In addition, Haier is ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO13485 certified, so we are able to supply our superior products to international markets.

The advanced technology and performance of the Haier medical freezer is so superior that they set the standard for deep freezers in China. In 2006, Haier drafted the official standard for deep freezers for the Chinese government. After succeeding in developing and manufacturing a variety of superior freezers for countless applications, we turned our talents to providing medical cleaning and disinfecting machines, such as our washer disinfector and low temperature plasma sterilizer. Haier infection controlling products, just as our medical refrigeration appliances, have won the approval of our domestic and international customers.

Haier Medical is located in Qingdao City, which is the third largest port city in China and an international business center comparable with Shanghai in Eastern China. Thus, Haier has easy access to convenient sea, land and air transportation, and our raw materials, components and labor are readily available and economical. This enables us to reduce our production cost, which translates into lower prices for our clients. If you are looking for high quality medical freezers at competitive prices, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are confident you will be completely satisfied with our medical products.