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Cryo Freezer, -150℃ Freezer

Type: DW-150W200

Purpose & Summary
This type of cryo freezer may be used in blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, research institutes, electronics and chemical factory laboratories, biomedical engineering institutes and so forth.

Special Features of the Cryo Freezer, -150℃ Freezer
1. Temperature Control
1) Microprocessor temperature control.
2) Digital temperature display.
3) Adjustable temperature range of cryo freezer from -126℃ to -150℃ in 1℃ increments.
2. Safety Control
1) Our -150℃ freezer has a malfunction alarm which includes audible and flashing alarms for high and low temperatures, incorrect voltage settings, sensor failure, condenser efficiency defects, high ambient temperature, and power failure.
2) Multiple level protection includes password input, compressor start delay, and ultra-high and -low pressure back up.
3) All individual parts are grounded safely.
3. Cooling System
1) A top-down evaporator in the cryo freezer ensures the refrigerant flows efficiently.
2) High efficiency CFC-free refrigerant cooling system.
3) Excellent cascade cooling system with dual fans whose blades are aerodynamically designed.
4) A removable and easily cleaned condenser filter ensures the best cooling efficiency.
4. Ergonomic Design
1) The cryo freezer equips gravis-type self-locking casters, allowing convenience of movement.
2) Rounded interior corners allow for easier cleaning.
3) Low temperature level compressor control avoids errors, giving a longer operational life.
4) The 150℃ freezer is suitable for use in an ambient working temperature range of 10~30℃.
5) Optional LN2 backup system makes it convenient to use in emergency situations, allowing for safer operation.
6) Optional temperature recorder for a permanent record of operation temperatures.
7) The cryo freezer may also come with an optional intelligent monitoring system to allow computer data storage and continual monitoring, enabling remote monitoring.
5. "U-COOL" (Optional Feature)

Specifications of Cryo Freezer, -150℃ Freezer

Model No. DW-150W200
Voltage(V/Hz) 380/50
Input power (W) 3.5HP
Temperature Range (℃) -126 to -150
Exterior Dimensions (mm)(WxDxH) 1570X850X1060
Interior Dimensions (mm)(WxDxH) 667x462x650
Liters (l) 200
Net/Gross Weight (kg) 315/385
Shelf/Inner Doors /

As an experienced cryo freezer, -150℃ freezer manufacturer in China, we at Haier provide a wide range of medical cold chain products such as blood bank refrigerator, ice lined refrigerator, and pharmacy refrigerator.

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