80L Blood Bank Refrigerator

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80L Blood Bank Refrigerator

Purpose & Summary
The 80L blood bank refrigerator is primarily used as a blood transportation box and blood bank refrigerator vehicle.

Special Features
1. Excellent Performance
1) The 80L blood bank refrigerator has high efficiency Danfoss BDF compressor.
2) Low voltage protection system.
3) Portable-type switch with electronic fuse for automatic protection of positive and negative poles.
4) Automated cooling and warming system.
5) Equipped with forced-air cooling system via a controlled fan for maximum temperature performance.
6) Digital display with LED indicator.
7) Corrosion free construction via polyethylene shell.
2. Temperature Control
1) The 80L blood bank refrigerator is installed with an audible and visible alarm system for breach of temperature range, the audible alarm can be deactivated.
2) Key control panel provides temperature selection in the range 4oC to 22oC.
3) Operational ambient temperature range of -2oC to 43oC.
4) Microprocessor controller for accurate temperature control.
3. Ergonomic Design
1) The 80L blood bank refrigerator has removable blood storage boxes.
2) CFC-free insulation and refrigerant.
3) Chest-type design with handle and hinged door.
4) Perfect cover design.
5) Stable heat insulation.
6) Ergonomic handle design, rugged and removable.
7) A film protected control panel with comfortable feel.
4. Easy Installation and Use
1) Automatic power selection with options of this 80L blood bank refrigerator for 12/24V DC and 100~240V 50/60Hz AC.
2) Smooth castors with stabilizers for flexibility and easy movement (optional).
3) Vehicle installation kit for easy set up.
4) Mains power switch.
5) DC and AC power lines.

Specifications of 80L Blood Bank Refrigerator

Capacity (l) 80
Bag Capacity (450ml blood bag) 48 bags
Temperature Range (oC) 4 to 22
Compressor DC Danfoss Compressor
Power (V/Hz) 12V/24V DC, 100~240V/50-60Hz AC
Cabinet Type Chest
Cabinet Construction 100% polyethylene (corrosion free)
Baskets 4
Temperature Warning Audible and Visual Alarm

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