60L Ice Lined Refrigerator

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60L Ice Lined Refrigerator

Purpose & Summary
The 60L ice lined refrigerator is designed for regions with ample sunshine and poor access to electricity supplies the Haier solar vaccine refrigerator HBC-60 is powered by sunlight directly from solar panels. This appliance does not need battery storage or fuel for power.

Special Features
1. The 60L ice lined refrigerator is no battery for storage of power.
2. The solar vaccine refrigerator is driven by solar power and so is 100% environment friendly.
3. Digital display of temperature.
4. No need for any other source of power or fuel so 60L ice lined refrigerator runs at a low cost.
5. Easy installation.
6. Easy maintenance, only the 60L ice lined refrigerator's solar panels need to be maintained.
7. Stainless steel interior liner.
8. Safety lock to prevent unauthorized access and keep vaccines safe.

Specifications of 60L Ice Lined Refrigerator

Model HBC-60
Liters Vaccine Storage Capacity 21L
Gross Volume 50L
External Dimensions (W*D*H) 670 x630 x 847
No. of Storage Baskets 4
Temperature Range 2 to 8℃ at ambient temp. 20℃-32℃
Solar Panels Required Min. power 180W at solar radiation reference period 6.0KwH/m2/day
Compressor Danfoss
Temperature Display External digital display
Energy Source at Solar Radiation Reference Period Nominal 12 V DC solar electric array
Temperature Zone Ambient operational temperature: 20℃ to 32℃

As a China 60L ice lined refrigerator manufacturer, Haier also provides -25℃ freezer, pharmaceutical refrigerator, biological safety cabinet, low temperature plasma sterilizer, blood bank refrigerator and more.

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