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Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

Purpose & Summary
1. Convenient Installation
1) The low temperature plasma sterilizer has a smaller footprint compared to similar products to reduce floor space.
2) Single phase access, without any external piping, ventilation or disposal system.
3) Versatile castors allow for easy movement.
4) Minimum requirements for installation tools and installation time.

2. Easy Operation
1) Users only require simple training to master the low temperature plasma sterilizer system.
2) The interface displays all process parameters.
3) Flexible loading process and manipulation.
4) Very friendly user interface.

3. Security and Environmental Protection
1) The low temperature plasma sterilizer produces or releases no noxious substances.
2) Adopts low temperature and vacuum sterilization technology to avoid risks with combination of high temperatures and pressures.
3) Intelligent warning and error correction system improves the sterilization success.
4) Complete, gentle sterilization technique to avoid objects damage.
5) The low temperature plasma sterilizer's consumables are designed to be used safely and conveniently.

4. High Performance
1) Higher sterilization efficiency among similar products.
2) Appliance has high turnover rate.

5. Reducing Appliance Cost
1) Highly efficient sterilization capacity to improve turnover rate and reduce the amount of backup low temperature plasma sterilizer appliances.
2) Gentle sterilization techniques to prolong the appliance life and reduce maintenance costs.

Special Features
1. The low temperature plasma sterilizer uses 40ml/pc of 60% concentrate perhydrol sterilizing agent.
2. Chemical indicator card may be sterilized together and packaged with the sterilized equipment to display the perhydrol effects via a color indicator on the card.
3. The low temperature plasma sterilizer also has chemical indicator tape which may be pasted on the joint of non-woven parcels providing the same function as the chemical instruction card.
4. Bio-indicators may be put in with the sterilized equipment to be compared after sterilizing with the unsterilized bio-indicator, demonstrating if the equipment is are sterilized properly.
5. Bio-incubator provided for incubation of bio-indicator.
6. The low temperature plasma sterilizer uses sterilized packing bags, made from special material, used for wrapping the sterilized equipment and then heat-sealed. Have good penetrability and anti moisture absorption properties, cross infection prevention and prolonged sterilized equipment storage period up to 3 months.
7. Capper used to seal package after sterilizing.
8. Basket used to carry sterilized items for maximizing effectiveness of sterilization, reducing sterilizing costs and running time.
9. Non-woven material, made of special material, used to wrap sterilized equipment to isolate it from external influence to allow equipment storage for at least 1 month.
10. The low temperature plasma sterilizer has an impact printer, allowing printing of data for long-term data recording and preservation.

Specifications of Low Temperature Plasma Sterilizer

Model HRPS-120
Net Volume (L) 120
Sterilizing Speed (min) Around 42 minutes (standard cycle) Around 52 minutes (strong cycle)
Exterior Dimensions (W*D*H)(mm) 740*950*1680
Sterilizing Chamber Dimensions (mm) (W*D*H) 430*430*760
Sterilizing Temperature (℃) 55±5
Information Process Simultaneous display on a 5.6 inch touchscreen, intelligent memorizing and printing system
Consumption of H2O2 2.2ml/single cycle
Container Load (Sets) 20/40/40H 12/12/24

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