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Haier Medical and Laboratory Products Company Ltd.
Add.: : Room 402B, Brand Building, Haier Industrial Park, No.1 Haier Road, Laoshan District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China
Postal code: 266101
Tel.: +86-532-8893-6011
Contact person: Belinda Zhang

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Main Products
  • 280 Washer Disinfector The 280 washer disinfector doors between the sanitary and unsanitary areas cannot be opened simultaneously in order to enforce a safety curtain.
    PLC control is precise, stable, and reliable and incorporates...
  • HR40-IIB2 Biological Safety Cabinet UV blocking safety glass.
    Adjustable glass height to operator requirements.
    The HR40-IIB2 biological safety cabinet has an audible and visible alarm when the glass...
  • 68L Pharmaceutical RefrigeratorThe 68L pharmaceutical refrigerator is typically installed in areas such as pharmacies, epidemic prevention service centers, pharmaceutical companies, and many ...
  • 92L Deep Freezer The 92L deep freezer is designed to store items such as vaccines, blood plasma, and biological materials. Application of this deep freezer can be found in electronics and chemical laboratories, epidemic ...