1. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-86L288, ULT FreezerThe first ultra low temperature freezer with a mobile message alarm and remote monitoring function in the world.
      Haier ULT freezers are suitable for use in blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, research institutes, electronics and chemical plant laboratories, biological engineering institutes, and transoceanic fishery companies.
    1. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-86L388, ULT FreezerThe ultra low temperature freezer DW-86L388 comes with a malfunction alarm which includes audible and flashing alarms for high and low temperatures, incorrect voltage setting, sensor failure, condenser efficiency defects, high ambient temperatures, and power failure.
    1. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-86L490, ULT Freezer The ultra low temperature freezer DW-86L490 is specially designed and manufactured for long-term storage of various biological products, including viruses, germs, erythrocytes, leucocytes and cutis. Applications can be found in blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services and research institutes, electronics and chemical plant laboratories, biological engineering institutes and marine fishery companies.
    1. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-86L628, ULT FreezerOptimized cascade refrigeration technology utilizing a Danfoss compressor for highly-efficient refrigeration.
      High-density and effective insulation.
      A unique patented seal, design working together with the heat retardant system, keeps the cabinet from frosting.
    1. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-86L728, ULT FreezerLED display for easy observation of cabinet temperature, set temperature, ambient temperature, input voltage, temperature alarm settings and early warnings for malfunctions.
      Adjustable multi-level shelf for easy operation.
      Safety lock to prevent unauthorized access.
    1. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-86L828, ULT FreezerBroad 10℃~32℃ ambient working temperature range.
      Innovative integrated door handle and lock, compact casters, and flexible and easy operation.
      Intelligent energy-saving condenser design.
      The ultra low temperature freezer has remote alarm access through the internet with advanced voltage ...
    1. Ultra Low Temperature Freezer DW-86W420, ULT FreezerSafety Control System
      Malfunction alarms include conditions such as the temperature exceeding the set range, power failure, sensor error, voltage range exceeded, condenser under efficiency, and ambient temperature exceeding the acceptable range.
      Audible and visible alarm indications via sounding buzzer and flashing light.
    1. Deep Freezer DW-40L92The deep freezer DW-40L92 is designed to store items such as vaccines, blood plasma, and biological materials. Application of this deep freezer can be found in electronics and chemical laboratories, epidemic prevention, hospitals, animal husbandry areas, blood banks and research institutes.
    1. Deep Freezer DW-40L188Alarm system warns of safety conditions such as breach of temperature range, sensor malfunction, and power off.
      The deep freezer DW-40L188 is installed with an audible and visible alarm, indicated via a sounding buzzer and flashing light.
      Start up delay protection.
    1. Deep Freezer DW-40L262The deep freezer is installed with a microprocessor controlled, digital display with an adjustable cabinet temperature in the range -10℃~-40℃.
      Excess temperature alarm system and power-off memory function.
    1. Deep Freezer DW-40L428High efficiency Danfoss compressor.
      CFC-Free refrigerant.
      German-made EBM condenser fan.
      All deep freezers have high-density foam insulation.
    1. Deep Freezer DW-40L508The deep freezer DW-40L508 has double doors designed with independent locks allowing more convenient access when storing a variety of items or in a multi-user environment.
      The fully adjustable special lock design enables setting of lock distance and strength and can be fitted with a double padlock for increased safety and reliability.
    1. Deep Freezer DW-40W255The deep freezer DW-40W255 is designed for low temperature experiments with electronics components and other special materials, and for storage of blood plasma, biological materials, vaccines, and so on.
      It may be used in research institutes, electronics or chemical industry laboratories, blood banks, hospitals, and epidemic prevention centers.
    1. Deep Freezer DW-40W380High efficiency Danfoss compressor and German EBM condenser fan support excellent refrigeration.
      The temperature in cabinet can drop to -40℃ in a 25℃ ambient temperature within 2 hours.
      The deep freezer is fitted with high density foam insulation to guarantee consistent cabinet temperature.
    1. Deep Freezer HBD-116Highly efficient Danfoss compressor.
      CFC-free refrigerant.
      Fully CFC-free polyethylene insulation,
      The deep freezer HBD-116 has superior cooling performance with an optimized evaporator and condenser design.
    1. Deep Freezer HBD-286The deep freezer HBD-286 is typically found in research institutes, blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, and livestock systems.
      Mechanical temperature control.
      Built-in digital temperature display.