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1. New product warranty plan in China
On May 10, 2010, Haier Medical launched its new product warranty: all Haier ultra low temperature freezers now come with a 5 year warranty and the air compressor installed in the freezers is guaranteed for 10 years. In addition, lifetime free maintenance is available. This plan was well received by our clients.

2. Increased customer service
Prior to January, 2010, Haier was already well-known in China for its customer care and after-sale service. In January of 2010, Haier began a new service plan which changed our focus from being an "enterprise-oriented manufacturer" to a "customer-oriented manufacturer" by placing more emphasis on providing individual, personalized customer service. We implement this focus of being more customer-oriented during the entire manufacturing process, from product design and development, through production and marketing, to after sales.

3. Continuously upgrade our technologies to better service worldwide customers
As a well-known brand in the Chinese medical freezer industry, Haier Medical has developed our own U-COOL wireless monitoring system to ensure the safety of goods to be kept refrigerated. The U-COOL system provides an ideal intelligent monitoring solution to replace the traditional manpowered monitoring of medical refrigerators. It is successfully being used in the Beijing Red Cross Blood Center, Anhui Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, China Marrow Donor Program, and more.

In order to provide the highest quality products to all of our customers, all Haier ultra low temperature freezer are manufactured with a VIP Temperature Preservation System, internationally-famous branded key components, and a unique connection interface for remote monitoring. Thus, they provide superior performance reliability, temperature uniformity and safety as compared with their international counterparts. In 2009, as an exclusive supplier for the China Marrow Donor Program, Haier supplied 100 units of ultra low temperature freezer for CMDP to preserve one million blood samples. In addition, Haier cooperates with VWR, a worldwide supplier of scientific instruments and lab equipment based in America. The first hundred medical freezers exported to America became VWR's most popular product in the American market. Since then, Haier products have been well received in international markets due to their reliable performance.

Long-term product warranties illustrate Haier's goal to better satisfy customers' demands, and also indicate our complete confidence in our product quality. This, in addition to increased customer service, enables clients to feel secure in using Haier products. We at Haier are always striving to improve our products and better serve our customers, and we look forward to working with even more global customers on our way to becoming a world-class brand.

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