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Four new models of ultra low temperature freezers are introduced to the market.
In May, 2011, Haier introduced four models of ultra low temperature freezers: the 828L large capacity model, 728L large capacity model, 486L energy saving model, and 490L double-door model.
This complements our product line of -86℃ freezers, and allows Haier to provide a more comprehensive range of ultra low temperature preservation solutions. In 2006, our 386L ultra low temperature freezer, which we independently developed, was introduced to the market. This marked the entrance of China to the -86℃freezer market. Our -86℃ freezer provides an economical ultra low temperature freezer solution to our domestic and international customers.
The result of years of work in developing, Haier ultra low temperature freezers are now used in the China Marrow Donor Program, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and more.

Large Capacity -86℃Freezers – provide biological samples a safe storage environment
Haier 828L and 728L ultra low temperature freezers are especially designed for the long term preservation of large quantities of biological samples. They are characterized by a large storage capacity, low storage cost, energy efficiency, and low noise.
While providing a large storage capacity (our 9*9- 2 inch storage cabinet can hold 48,600 biological samples and our 10*10- 2 inch cabinet can hold 60,000 samples), the 828L ultra low temperature freezer can save 20% in storage cost compared with its counterparts in international markets. The patented four-layer sealing structure and foam insulation layer of the door ensures our freezer has a tight seal, which prevents any cool air from escaping and makes it very energy efficient. In addition, the ultra low noise air compressor helps ensure the freezer runs quietly.
The 728L ultra low temperature freezer comes with an optimized storage compartment design so its total available capacity can be best utilized. The specialized design also ensures effective circulation of cool air and thus, uniform temperature inside the freezer so as to ensure sample safety.

Double-door Ultra Low Temperature Freezer – provides a flexible storage solution
Haier was the first Chinese manufacturer to develop a double-door ultra low temperature freezer. The Haier 490L double-door freezer is also a niche-product in the international market. It can satisfy multiple-user's storage demands simultaneously and can also be used for a single-users' varied storage needs. It is manufactured with a VIP Temperature Preservation System to ensure thorough insulation, and it takes up little floor space. In addition, a 4-layer sealing structure is utilized for the beam part, in order to ensure no leakage of cool air. Hence, the -86℃ freezer saves energy costs.

New Generation Energy Saving -86℃ Freezer– high performance price ratio and economical
Haier's new generation, energy saving -86℃ freezer is the 486L. It offers extremely high insulation performance and low noise and is much more energy efficient than its international counterparts. 130mm Freon-free rigid PU foam and VIP Vacuum Insulation Technology make the freezer a low-energy consumption appliance.

The first generation ultra low temperature freezer uses 100-127mm Freon-free rigid PU foam material for energy saving, and the second generation one uses 90mm Freon-free rigid PU foam material and VIP vacuum Insulation technology. Haier's new generation -86℃ freezer builds on the strengths of the previous versions. For instance, it has 130mm thick insulation layer which lowers its energy consumption by 11%. It is also offered at a competitive price. Hence, the Haier 486L ultra low temperature freezer is an economical solution for worldwide customers.

Haier offers an extensive range of ultra low temperature freezers, providing reliable and economical solutions to satisfy each customer's individual needs.

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